Daye Jack is an exciting young artist hailing from Atlanta by way of Nigeria who has a knack for blending genres into new sounds. For his newest song, he links with Brooklyn's DonMonique for the remix to his single "Supernatural" off his upcoming No Data album. Don adds a ruggedness to the smooth dance record. "Flyer than these pigeons, got more wraps than Christmas," she raps

Jack brings the electric flair: "That fit is supernatural/I've been on some groovy shit/Yeah I've got some groovy gigs/People told me you're lit/Born a winner never quit/Got the style that's for the kids/Talking sad is so on fleek/These some good expensive jeans/Looking good is gonna cost some G's."

The two young MCs work well together. Daye says that "Supernatural" is about “feeling confident in your own skin.” He explains to Nylon, “It’s for the kids who are out here following trends, seeking acceptance. Break the facade, dress how you want, be an independent thinker, and flex the real you.”

Last year, Daye released his Surf the Web EP. He's currently working on his forthcoming album No Data, which is expected to release on March 24. DonMonique released her single “On Me” late last year. She's currently working on her newest project Black Kate Moss.

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