Dave East has been keeping busy. He recently dropped the video for his single, "Perfect," featuring Chris Brown.

The single resides on East's Def Jam debut, Paranoia: A True Story EP, and has been garnering significant play. In the video, East and CB are in what looks to be a warehouse, which at times is lit with rose-colored lighting, adding to the ambiance. They rap, sing, and in Breezy's case dance, while quick cut scenes show scantily-clad women dancing seductively.

"You deserve it 'cause you perfect (perfect)/You make every moment worth it (every moment)/I'm flyin' down Collins, I'm shirtless (skrrt)/Just thinkin' how you might've curved it (might have curved it)/I knew you a minute, don't act like you don't know the business/I've been tryna get all up in it/Gave you my card, I don't know 'bout no limit (swipe)," East spits.

The Harlem rapper is already working on his follow-up project. According to the 2016 XXL Freshman, we may get the release before the end of next month. “Paranoia 2 on the way,” he said in a recent interview. “I’m bout to hit em back-to-back. Probably like before Halloween, you know what I’m sayin’.”

East also has music on the way with Drake that could end up on the upcoming release. “We definitely got some music on the way,” he confirmed with XXL, earlier this month.

Check out the "Perfect" video featuring Chris Breezy below.

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