Damian Lillard and Lil Wayne are back at it, with the Portland Trailblazer turnt rapper dropping his second collab with Weezy, "Run It Up."

The uptempo track definitely has club potential, with both rappers flexing over slapping hi-hats and rumbling bass. "Aye, all of this is hustle/Y'all about to make it where I gotta show my muscle/When I'm gettin' to it girl it's easier to love you/Tried to give me scraps, I made 'em pieces to the puzzle/I grind/Ain't no secret money on my mind/Sit at my table then you want my time/And I don't play that/I'm stuntin' for the payback," Lillard a.k.a. Dame D.OL.L.A. raps.

Lil Wayne stunts big on the last verse. "Aye, I'm finna run it up/And tell them niggas hurry up and fuckers runnin' up/Them haters try to bring me down, I shouldn't have brung 'em up/She askin' me to bring her out, I only bring a blunt/Run it up, we runnin' things, she want run with us (yeah)," Weezy spits.

This single looks to be on Lillard's upcoming LP, Confirmed.

This is the second time the two rappers have linked up. Tune appeared on the track "Loyal to the Soil" off Lillard's debut album, The Letter O. The track did not come without drama. Initially, Cash Money Records tried to block the collab from being released. After some litigation, the song was allowed on the album.

Listen to Dame D.O.L.L.A and Lil Wayne's new "Run It Up" single below.

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