Dame Dash and Lee Daniels have finally settled their lawsuit, which stemmed from a loan Dash made to Daniels to help the latter make his 2004 movie, The Woodsman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both parties and their attorneys have filed the necessary papers to kill the lawsuit, which alleged that, after the $2 million Dash lent Daniels was not repaid, the latter failed to make good on his promise to repay Dash through "rolling the debt over" into Daniels' future projects. Dash was suing for monetary compensation on top of credit on and ownership of subsequent works by the actor, director and producer. Daniels claimed that, though Dash's loan was not recouped, the music mogul was duly warned of this possibility in the language of the initial loan agreement.

Despite the contentiousness of the suit, both sides said that this agreement could facilitate future collaboration. Dash is embroiled in more legal turmoil, however; he and Kanye West are being sued over the name of their film, Loisaidas, on the grounds that it infringed on the name of a music group from New York. Daniels is currently enjoying the success of his latest hit, the Fox drama Empire, which has been a runaway hit with critics and fans, setting several ratings records over the course of its just-concluded first season.

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