"People go to jail--people get killed for this type of stuff." Dame Dash's interview this morning (March 13) on The Breakfast Club grew pretty contentious pretty quickly. When hosts Charlamagne tha God and Angela Yee asked the mogul and Roc-A-Fella co-founder about how he, a Harlem guy, got so inextricably tied to a Brooklyn native like Jay Z, Dash wasn't having any of it. He was first calm and emphatic, but grew agitated as the radio personalities continued to circle the subject. "If someone asks you the same question 25--maybe 2,500--times, you don't want to answer it anymore," he said. "No more Jay Z questions," Dame said, in what might as well have been a blanket statement for all future interviewers. "I've answered them all."

The other famous New Yorker on the table, however, received more attention from Dash. He explained that not only does he feel slighted by Lee, who Dash believes is "too arrogant" to have a real conversation with him, but that the filmmaker should be doing more to prop up his old community. The panel also discussed Loisaidas, the new film in which he and Kanye West share a producing interest. Dame, along with several notable artists, such as Smoke DZA, stars in the picture, which is being released piecemeal, but will come together to form one cohesive, finished product.

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