Following a nearly decade-long album hiatus, rap veterans Cypress Hill put out their ninth studio album, Elephants on Acid, on Sept. 28.

The Cali OGs last put out an LP back in 2010 with Rise Up. Now B-Real, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog and Eric Bobo are back in their bag once again, and this bag has the pungent odor of high-grade marijuana. The LP has been at least a half-decade in the making. Back in 2014, B-Real announced a new project was being put together. We didn't hear a lot more about the album until this January, when DJ Muggs announced the LP would be coming out in 2018.

The wait is over. The South Gate, Calif. rappers deliver 21 tracks on EOA with no features. The medicated MCs keep the same formula that has helped maintain their cult following with high-minded titles like "Jesus Was a Stoner," "LSD," "Reefer Man" and "Insane OG."

Listen to Cypress Hill's new Elephants on Acid album below.

Cypress Hill's Elephants on Acid Album Tracklist

1. "Tusko (Intro)"
2. "Band of Gypsies"
3. "Put Em in the Ground"
4. "Satao (Interval)"
5. "Jesus Was a Stoner"
6. "Pass the Knife"
7. "LSD (Interval)"
8. "Oh Na Na"
9. "Holy Mountain (Interval)"
10. "Locos"
11. "Falling Down"
12. "Elephant Acid (Interlude)"
13. "Insane OG"
14. "The 5th Angel (Instrumental)"
15. "Warlord"
16. "Reefer Man"
17. "Thru the Rabbit Hole (Interlude)"
18. "Crazy"
19. "Muggs Is Dead"
20. "Blood on My Hands Again"
21. "Stairway to Heaven"

Cypress Hill Music
Cypress Hill Music

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