Cozz and Dreamville Records newest signee Ari Lennox releases the video for their soulful banger "Backseat" off Revenge of the Dreamers II. Lennox's soulful voice pairs perfectly with Cozz's witty verse over the DJ Grumble beat. The video shows Lennox and the west coast native on seperate dates at an arcade. "Backseat" was easily a standout cut off Revenge of the Dreamers II.

Lennox, a 25 year-old Washington D.C. native, gain popularity by her covers she released on YouTube. After releasing an EP called Ariology in 2014, Dreamville rapper Omen reached out and they did a collab for a song titled "Sweat It Out." That garnered the attention of Dreamville Records's head executives J. Cole and Ibrahim "IB" Hamad and a few months later she was signed. Ari recently talked about signing to Dreamville in a recent interview.

"I knew I had to try something different and evolve my sound, even with Ariography," she said. "I loved it but I still felt there was a ratchet-trap side of me missing on that project that I always wanted to incorporate. I always wanted to touch young people, people my age, people of all ages, but I felt like with this beautiful, pretty, soulful music, I wasn't able to penetrate a younger crowd. What I started doing was, I just got on Soundcloud, I was looking for producers and I found this guy named DJ Grumble. He had these dope, trap-sounding beats, but they were really, incredibly soulful. He was definitely sampling some of my favorite artists from the '70s and '60s. It was a match made in heaven and it naturally flowed together, I was able to talk about just everyday life of a 23-year-old with a soulful sound. I just knew I had to try something different. And it was a risk, but I'm always with that. Even now, with this type of music, I'm thinking about what other kinds of sounds I can include and add on to this sound, so I'm always thinking of ways I can include everyone while also being true to myself."

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