Cousin Stizz has been putting in work. Coming off the release of his major label debut One Night Only in July, he's continued to drop heat. His latest release is the new song, "Lace Up."

Stizz establishes a slow flow over the dreamy chords and rumbling bass provided by Al B Smoov and District Yori. "Smokin on a blunt bout as tall as limousine/All these niggas gas, I roll up the kerosene/I was sittin' bad like the scale is a regime/Walkin' wit the loud, you can hear my pockets sing (whoo)/Gone for a little bit, I'm drowzy off the bean/Shit I'll take pennies cuz it all add up to me/Lil bro still sellin' fire to a fiend/He ain't talkin' fresh with the iron in his jeans," he raps on the first verse.

Another banger for fans to enjoy following the release of tracks like "Dash" and "Love Song."

XXL spoke with Stizz in September. He was adamant about staying original. "Yeah, I think it’s really fucking corny to make music like someone else," he said. "It’s cool to have influences. We all do. I’m not saying don’t have an influence. That’s what life is, you’re supposed to pick up off of things that happen, you’re suppose to learn from others. You learn from a teacher, you learn from others. But I don’t believe in making something sound like someone else’s [music]. I don’t believe that shit."

Stizz is currently on the back end of his One Night Only Tour. The jaunt, which kicked off in October, still has six dates left including stops in Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York and Boston.

Listen to Cousin Stizz's new song, "Lace Up" below


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