Cousin Stizz taps G-Eazy for his new banger "Neimans Barneys." The East and West Coasters connect on this Dun Deal-produced beat all in the name of "stuntin' on 'em, no karate."

In his signature laidback flow, Stizz recalls childhood memories of always wanting to show out.

"I got on that rent, I ain't talkin' Bobby/Ain't no movin' slob, niggas tryna copy/All designer fit like I'm Liberace/Latest shit convinced, man no one can stop me/Ever since I was a lad/I was out servin' the pack/I been addicted to cash/Runnin' it up like a track," rhymes the Boston boy.

And, in true G-Eazy fashion, the Oakland rapper rhymes about stealing girls with his good looks and riches.

"I take your bitch out to Malibu/No booze, she ordered the halibut/Hella place, only ate half of it/Then we went back to the crib, and went down and shit/You know the rest of the story/Trust me, I stick to the script/If it ain't broken, it ain't fixin' the shit," spits G-Eazy with a laugh.

This latest loosie is one of many Stizz has been sharing these last few weeks. Before "Neimans Barneys," there was the Offset-assisted "Headlock" and the Frank Dukes and Wondagurl-produced "Jo Bros." Stizz was supposed to drop his new project, One Night Only, earlier this month on May 12, but the tape got tangled up due to clearance issues. Here's hoping his recent singles all make the cut.

Listen to "Neimans Barneys" via SoundCloud below.

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