Consequence has put his relationship with his four-year-old son Caiden front and center in recent months, featuring him on his song "That Dude" and introducing the tyke to a cast of famous faces. Now, the father and son duo are back on wax together with "Heir to the Throne," what is the first release off Consequence's forthcoming EP Growing Up in New York.

On the track, Cons passes the torch to his offspring, as the Mike Cash and Consequence-produced beat trumpets on. "Everybody says my son is my spitting image / And now that he’s spitting, you other rapper’s are finished," he raps on the first verse's opening bars. Elsewhere, he imagines Caiden going on to link up with the children other rapper's saying, "And that’s how we keep the Grammys in the family."

As for Caiden, the little man comes in around the 1:42 mark, rapping, "There hasn’t been a prince this fresh since Will Smith." He then carries on for a few more bars, a graduated feature from "That Dude" in which he helped out on the hook. 

Earlier this month, Consequence and Caiden visited the XXL offices, with the two performing a bit of "Heir to the Throne" during Caiden's 2016 Freshman List pitch. Listen to the finished track up above with Growing Up in New York expected to hit all music platforms this May. Caiden's Freshman pitch can be seen down low, while the "That Dude" video shows the two interacting and spending that father-son quality time.

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