Conor McGregor wants to hit the octagon with 50 Cent.

According to a report The Sun UK published Monday (Oct. 28), the pro-UFC fighter revealed who he would like to fight in the future. He didn't seem to hesitate when he named 50.

"I’d have to probably say 50 Cent, I’d like to fight him," McGregor said. "Throughout the course of the [Floyd] Mayweather build-up I used him as a tool, a promotional tool on the free also, I knew he was linked to Floyd so I tied him in also and he responded big time and we capitalized on that audience so I was very thankful. But then after that, he began a little tirade against me on social media, particularly Instagram where he’d make these memes about me constantly."

50 Cent and McGregor's feud was a spectacle in itself outside of the ring. After McGregor got his boxing license in 2016, Fif first spoke with UFC President Dana White about a fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Since then, the UFC fighter and the G-Unit CEO have gone at each other by firing shots on social media with various memes before and after McGregor and Mayweather's high-profile match in 2017. Now, it seems like McGregor wants to take on 50 himself.

"Every time I’d go onto the internet I’d see 50 Cent had posted up some new stupid meme and I wrote one of the memes - ‘old man on the internet making memes’ and then he blocked me," McGregor explained. "So he’s had to block me, and I still see sometimes, I still get tagged in - other people saying he’s saying this and he's saying that. So I’d like to have a knock-off with 50 yeah, so if you’re listening 50 - let’s get it going bud."

So far, 50 Cent, who performed overseas earlier this year, hasn't responded directly to McGregor yet. Before he does, check out some of 50's past memes about Conor McGregor below.

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