When it comes to hip-hop, especially when compared to other genres of music, fans, critics and listeners are always quick to declare an artists' music as "trash" or "classic." In today's climate, the words get thrown around with little to no consequence and thanks to social media, everyone's a critic. Young Thug is easily one of the more polarizing rappers in the game and one of the chief complaints is that his lyrics and subject manner are sometimes non-sensical.

According to comedian Lil Duval, the vitriol towards Young Thug is from the older generation who may not be in tune with the new generation's slang, trends, culture, etc...Duval says that the things being said about Thug remind him of the things people said about Bone Thugs-N-Harmony when they first came out in the '90s. Bone Thugs, known for their rapid fire flow which made their lyrics hard to understand, are by and large considered one of the most influential groups of all time and have directly influenced the sound of new artists like the A$AP Mob.

Duval thinks that every generation has pieces of pop culture that they love at the time that they may look back at ten years later and can't believe they ever liked it. Check out Duval's explanation via his Twitter account below: