Although Coi Leray has an off-and-on relationship with her father Benzino, she recently shared a heartwarming text exchange with her dad about Latto mentioning him on a new song.

Coi Leray Shares a Text Message From Her Dad About Latto Mentioning His Neck in New Song

On Saturday (Sept. 9), Coi Leray jumped on X (formerly Twitter) to share a text exchange she had with her father Benzino regarding Latto's lyrics where she talked about his neck or lack thereof on a new song. In her tweet, the "Players" rapper posted a screenshot of the text exchange.

"She admires u...They all do," 'Zino wrote to his daughter in reference to Latto's lyrical jab at him. "Just stay focused...I got the most famous neck on earth [man face-palming emoji]."

In response, Coi writes back to her dad: "I love how these lil stupid situations bring us together haha on positive note! Hope you having a good day[.] I love you."

Coi Leray captioned the tweet: "Love always wins [four 100 emojis] [heart with stars emoji]."

For those who don't know, Latto references Benzino on the Young Nudy song "Peaches & Eggplants (Remix)," which also features Sexyy Red. On the track, the Atlanta rapper delivers the clever line, "Gimme that neck like Benzino." Many fans believe Latto was dissing Coi by referencing her estranged father.

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Latto Explains the Benzino Verse on Her Instagram Live

On Friday (Sept. 8), Latto went live on IG to explain her perceived Benzino diss. The 24-year-old rapper started off by saying, "Let me break this down for the slow people." She then went on to explain her verse on the song.

"I said 'Gimme that neck like Benzino,'" she stated. "That mean if I say, 'gimme that,' that mean it's took, right? That mean it's gone, right?"

"I seen some people talkin' about, 'But he don't got no neck that don't make sense,'" she added, frustrated that some people didn't get the punchline. "Keep up, keep up."

You can watch Latto's appearance in the "Peaches & Eggplants (Remix)" video below.

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