Snoop Dogg's newest signee Clay James takes fans below the Mason–Dixon line for his new single "Southern Playa Shit." The Mazo Mystro-produced track is James' DoggyStyle Records debut and it's a very strong one. Clay and Southern Playas member Messiah Da Rapper coast on the beat as they rap about how they livin' in the south. Give "S.P.S." a spin above and purchase it on iTunes

Life has change dramatically for Clay James over the last couple of months. After crushing the stage at this year's SXSW, the ATL native was given the opportunity to connect with some of Snoop Dogg's business associates. Weeks later, he proudly announced that he recently inked a deal with DoggyStyle Records. He explained that process through email.

"It's actually a dope story about how I got brought under the DoggyStyle Records umbrella," he said. "At the SXSW I performed on the Black Auerbach & Friends stage. When I came off stage I was greeted by Yung Zeke, JU, & Young Hunnid of the Dawg Crew Ent. collective, who are direct business affiliates of Snoop Dogg. They liked my performance and formed an organic relationship with me. We kept in touch after SXSW, and one day they told me how they brought my name up to Pocket Norwood, an A&R over at DoggyStyle Records. Pocket asked me to send some music to him, and he played it for Snoop Dogg. Now here we are!"

Clay adds, "I'm just happy to be here! I was born in Atlanta then my mom and I moved to Savannah, GA! There isn't a lot of opportunity for artists to succeed in Savannah, so the best thing I could've done was move back to Atlanta where I started my music career. You can really get something going musically in Atlanta and that's what I love about the city! This is a game where many are called but few are chosen! The hustle is what will separate the contenders from the pretenders in the end!"

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