This new track will have you seeing red. Chris King taps YG, Mozzy and Trippie Redd on the new song "Bool," which he dropped Friday (March 23).

The new banger is produced by Traphouse Ryan and finds the gang-affiliated spittas kicking their mob lingo over the punchy trap instrumental. Trippie provides the chorus simply crooning, "Hold up, ayy, you can't bool with us, no-oh/Ayy, you can't bool with us, no-oh/Yeah, you can't bool with us, no-oh/Uh, uh, you can't bool with us, no-oh."

This track is definitely hard. Mozzy blasts off on the first verse. "Oil in the Fanta, double digits in the blammer/Blickys over jammers, bitch I do that shit on camera," he spits.

King adopts a rapid-fire flow on his 16. "Make sure you roll my Backwoods fat baby/Always sippin' on the lean, Act' good now ready," he snaps. "Smokin' on the dope, that ayy-oh-ayy-oh/Hopin' that a bitch don't get out of pocket/Before a young nigga have to go and call up Rocket."

YG brings up the rear waving his red flag."You can't bool with us, you ain't bool enough/You ain't movin' nothin', you ain't shootin' nothin," he raps. "You ain't toolied up/Bitch I'm coogied up, my bitch bougie as fuck, fuck."

The new track resides on King's upcoming mixtape Leonardo Di'Trappio 2.

Listen to Chris King's YG, Mozzy and Trippie Redd-assisted track "Bool" below.

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