Chris Brown has turned his recent legal troubles into a merch opportunity, posting the above photo to Instagram of himself wearing a "This Bitch Lyin'" tee from his own Black Pyramid brand. Last month, Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after aspiring model and actress Baylee Curran accused the singer of pointing a gun at her and demanding she leave his home after she began inspecting a piece of jewelry.

Brown's attorney Mark Geragos maintains the singer's innocence, saying, “It has become apparent that the allegations are not just false but fabricated” after an LAPD search yielded neither the jewelry piece in question nor a single fire arm.

It is Brown's defense that Curran was attempting to steal the piece of jewelry and made the whole story up, hence the shirts, and he may have good evidence to back that up. Alleged texts sent from Curran to a friend detail such a plot, reading, "I’m going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me and that will teach him a lesson I’m going to set his ass up."

What's more, Curran's former roommates have come out to speak of their experiences with her, one saying, "I know she steals. I know she was obsessed with Chris Brown, she always has been. Do I think she did it for attention? Sure. Do I think Chris told her to get out? Sure, and maybe startled her, but I truly don’t believe she was assaulted.”

As seen below, the shirt is available in black as well. You can cop them right here.

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