Chris Brown can finally move on from the basketball brawl lawsuit that arose from an alleged fight at 24-Hour Fitness in LA, last July. The singer and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, managed to settle with the alleged victim for an unbelievably small amount, offering up no more than four figures.

Malcolm Ausbon filed suit against the singer in 2014, with claims that Chris and three of his friends gave Ausbon a beat down in the middle of a basketball game. He then went on to threaten that if Breezy didn't cough up $250k, he would then be taking his complaints to the cops.

All in all, those demands seem to have cost Aubson the lawsuit, and Brown paid a mere fraction of the original asking price. However, sources close to Chris still felt that even the small amount was a "nuisance payment."

Now that all of his legal troubles are coming to an end, Brown can now solely focus on raising his daughter, Royalty.