Chris Brown took another shot at his rival Soulja Boy. The singer teamed up with comedian DeRay Davis to mock the "Crank Dat" rapper's infamous livestream from the hood. Davis plays the role of Soulja Boy while Brown portrays the man who shoved the Atlanta rhymer.

The comedic video is just the latest in a long line of insults between Brown and Soulja Boy. The two entertainers are supposed to face off in a celebrity boxing match, which Brown insists will still happen.

“When I pull up on ya, it’s going down,” Brown recently said. “We’re going to set this fight up and do all that, but niggas gon’ always slick talk. And they know, when I’m in the same room, they chest deflating than a motherfucker. Boy, stop putting that superhero costume on, ‘fore we torture you.”

Soulja Boy responded to Brown by claiming that the singer has not signed a contract for the fight. The Atlanta rhymer said he's been waiting for Brown to make things official.

“I signed my contract for the boxing match a motherfucking week ago,” Soulja Boy said. “We waiting on Chris Brown so we can announce the motherfucking fight… What you waiting on? Don’t get scared now.”

The Brown vs. Soulja Boy feud has taken some bizarre turns, including the involvement of boxing legends Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Tyson joined Brown's side in the quarrel while Holyfield paired up with Soulja Boy.

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