Chief Keef is back with a song he kept in his stash.

With multiple projects released and more supposed to come, Chief Keef decided to treat his fans with a song that he dug up out of the archives. Recorded back in 2013, Sosa teamed up with Gucci Mane and the two MCs did a song called “Jet Li.” Although this track isn't labeled as new music, it still has never been heard by the general public. Released via AudioMack, the collaborative effort caches both Keef and Gucci spitting about fast cars, loud guns and “kicking bitches like Jet Li.”

“My life a movie, a kung foo movie/That bitch don't wanna do me, I kick that bitch like Bruce Lee,” Keef raps with the first verse. “I’m with Chelsea smoking on the QP/And if she don't do me, I kick that bitch like Bruce Lee/She gonna regret me, regret she ain’t let me/Kick a bitch to the curb, to the curb like Jet Li/She see my ear piece, my wrist piece, my neck piece/Johnny Dang on, he choppin’ shit like Jet Li.”

In the beginning of the year, Chief Keef got himself into a little trouble with the law. He was arrested for assaulting a producer by the name of Ramsay Tha Great. According to Ramsay, Keef and his squad broke into his place of residence and assaulted him with an AK-47. 24 hours after his arrest, Sosa posted a $500,000 bail.

Sosa shared some new music as well in the beginning of the year via his Instagram. He had already dropped Two Zero One Seven to start the year off, but it’s clear he has some new tunes on the way.

Check out "Jet Li" below.

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