Tragic news out of Chicago, as multiple stations are reporting that 23-year-old Damond Dawson, an aspiring rapper by the name of Thugga, was gunned down earlier this week while participating in a music video shoot. As detailed in the reports both above and below, at least two gunmen approached the group, shooting Dawson in the back of the head.

Dawson was not the featured artist for the video, which was titled "Two Tecs and 50 Shot," and fellow aspiring rapper Foreign Lyfe provided the following as he recounted the incident. "I heard my homie say that he had seen somebody pulling up," he said. "We turned around, looked back then, as quick as we looked back, started shooting, shots coming from everywhere. That’s how it went down."

Four others were injured in the shooting, what police say was a gang-related crime, though relatives close to Dawson say the man was not involved in any group. "He was good at heart," Angela Tate, his aunt, said. "He would do anything for you. He didn’t finish school all the way, but he was a good guy. He wasn’t into no gang banging, he didn’t bother nobody, he didn’t shoot nobody."

The camera was rolling throughout the shooting, though its focus was pointed away from the gunmen. Police have confiscated all production equipment and footage. Read the full story at the Chicago Tribune or watch the broadcast coverage provided above and below.

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