With Father's Day around the corner, many sons and daughters are most likely fumbling to secure a last minute gift for their dads, but for D.C. rapper Chaz French, he's been carefully planning the release of his new single "Pops," which is out now. The song comes ahead of his new album, True Colors.

The new single "Pops" is an official statement that Chaz is proud of his father. He powerfully opens with the line, "My daddy was a dope dealer." Lyrically, the rest of the track is loaded with personal anecdotes, advice from his father and commentary on social issues in the Black community. On the personal tip, Chaz French admits that his father wasn't always around, blaming the prisons for his absence. His use of the word "prisons" could be broadened to the American prison system, which is notoriously known for punishment and not rehabilitation in criminals. Regardless, Chaz knows that the lack of the luxury of a father being around also made him who he is today.

Chaz, who signed to Motown Records through a joint deal with ThreeSixEight Music Group in March, also states that he admired his father: "Sounds crazy but I want to be just like him." He goes on to rap, "My daddy, no child support/My daddy support his child/May not make my momma proud but he did what he knew how."

Throughout the song, Chaz shares some wise words his father imparted unto him before passing, like, "When you grow up, hold your head and hold your spot/Never let a girl come between you and your brodies." Another piece of advice he gleaned is relevant to the psychological contradiction of a Black man who is angry but isn't allowed to show his sensitive side due to societal taboo: "Think we got a lot built up/Angry nigga passive, too/So we gon' do what daddy do/Don't speak unless it come to you." In other words, you shouldn't speak on something out of turn or out of line.

There is also one easter egg for hip-hop nerds when he pays homage to UGK's "Everybody Wanna Ball" with the line, "Everybody wanna ball/Holla at broads at the mall."

"Pops," which follows previously released family-oriented tracks like "Miss You (Freestyle)," will appear on Chaz French's new album, True Colors. The songs included on the project will center on his life growing up in divisive community like D.C. “Young World” features a soliloquy from political activist Tony Lewis Jr. while “So Are We” welcomes fellow D.C. rapper Innanet James and Phil Ade. The album also features Casey Veggies, Curren$y, BJ The Chicago Kid and more.

The album will be available on July 14 and you can pre-order it on iTunes. You can check out the tracklist for the album below as well as the song "Pops."

Chaz French's True Colors Tracklist

1. "True Colors (Intro)"
2. "Way Out"
3. "Peace & Happiness"
4. "Start It Up" featuring Casey Veggies
5. "Somehow"
6. "So Are We" featuring Innanet James & Phil Ade
7. "Uncle Luke"
8. "Situation"
9. "Hol’ Up" featuring Shy Glizzy
10. "Let It Shine" featuring Kenny Burns
11. "Amerikkka" featuring Eddie Vanz
12. "Young World" featuring Kevin Ross & Tony Lewis Jr
13. "Pops" featuring Marco McInnis
14. "Squad"
15. "Invite Only" featuring Curren$y
16. "Off Top"
17. "Thinnest Line" featuring BJ The Chicago Kid & Saba Abraha

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