Nicki Minaj seems to be the latest artist Charlamagne Tha God has pissed off. According to The Breakfast Club host, Minaj wasn’t happy about the comments he made about her hit single “Anaconda” on the radio and Twitter.

In a recent interview on The Brilliant Idiot podcast It’s Business like Show Business but Mind Your Business, Charlamagne revealed that Nicki unfollowed him on Twitter and even made calls to the radio station threatening to not to appear on The Breakfast Club again.

“I know she got upset when I said 'Anaconda' was corny," said Charlamagne. "But my exact synopsis on ‘Anaconda’ when it first came out was I’m not really feeling this record. It’s not for me. It’s for girls, it’s for kids, it’s for people who like to shake their ass. I said when the video comes out, I will probably appreciate this song more. But I said, 'it's going to work but its corny.'"

But despite all of what he's said to criticize Nicki, he has given her praise before. Specifically, Nicki's Summer Jam performance from this year, where he called her the "King of New York."

His whole thing is giving an objective opinion, even doing so in The Breakfast Club's recent interview with Lil' Kim, which he claims only caused more issues with Nicki's fans.

Check out the full interview above as Charlamagne Tha God talks stans, Wendy Williams, Wiz and Amber Rose’s divorce and more.