For the past several months, rumors have been surfacing that world champion and Money Team CEO Floyd Mayweather cannot read well. The rumor mill started churning when rapper 50 Cent took to social media to respond to Mayweather’s comment about him no longer being a relevant artist. The two continued to exchange words and crack jokes on one another, leading the public to do the same, particularly with Mayweather. Floyd became the butt of several jokes across the web and media, including a low-blow from The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God when he decided to air audio of Mayweather struggling to read a radio drop.

Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote her new book, Healthy Latin Eating. During her interview, Martinez made it a point to express her own opinions on the matter when she was informed that Charlamagne never thought she liked him.

“I think most of the time with Charlamagne, he’s just being honest. Whether you like it or not, that’s being honest. And that’s okay,” said Martinez. “But with that Mayweather thing, I thought that was just a little below the belt… I just felt like that wasn’t about you being honest. I felt there was an opportunity—and maybe you thought it was funny—but you took something that was private, you asked the man to do something for you, and then you make fun of him. It wasn’t about being honest.”

Although Charlamagne stated that he felt badly and admitted to being wrong, which he obviously was, he was reluctant to say he was sorry. Instead, he offered an apology “to all the people who can’t really read." After a couple minutes of going back and forth with his co-hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy, Charlamagne finally got out an, “I apologize champ. ” Looks like that’s all you’re going to get, Floyd. Take it or leave it. Watch the entire interview with Angie Martinez above. —Aicha Forbes-Diaby