If there is anything good to be taken from the senseless killings of nine church members by domestic terrorist Dylann Roof that occurred last month in South Carolina, it can to be seen as the foot in the rear-end that sparked Southern states into removing the decades old racists symbol, the Confederate flag.

The state of South Carolina, where the massacre took place, recently took down the Confederate flag hanging in front of their state building - after its temporary removal by the real MVP Bree Newsome. While ome people see the flag removals as a win, others simply view it as a pacifier.

Always opinionated South Carolina native Charlamagne Tha God recently spoke up on the rebel flag on his new MTV2 show Uncommon Sense, and as one might guess he is all for flag being removed. "My whole life I never thought the Confederate flag was anything but a symbol of hate," he said. "I hear people saying it's about heritage. But I'm just telling you, when I see the Confederate flag on people's cars or in their yard, in my mind I would already stereotype and profile them and say, 'well, they must be racist rednecks."

He continued, "It's just some things historically that you can't change no matter how hard you try. To make a negative into positive, you cant in some situations. And the Confederate flag is one of the situations. The historical context of this flag is hate. It empowers prejudice. Too much blood is on that flag for it to ever be a good thing."

Check out CTG's entire soap box moment, above.