I'm a public servant. I'm here to serve the needs of the people. Call me naive, but i'm one of the few who still believe that the power is with the people. This is a people driven world I don't care what it is that you do, you can't do it without the people. If you do music you need people to be into it enough to buy your albums and come to your shows. If you do radio you need people to find you interesting enough to listen to your program, if you're a politician you need people to vote for you so can get in the positions you want to be in. It's all about the people period.

As a public servant I have to ask myself what do the people need? The people need love, hugs, physical, spiritual, mental hugs. Love people need people that love them enough to give them guidance, people need knowledge, wisdom, people need someone to uplift, empower, and enlighten them. I don't want to be a bloodsucker of the poor and when I say poor I don't just mean financially poor, I mean mentally poor. This present day society we live in is full of mentally poor people and honestly nobody is trying to change that because that's how some people prefer you to be. Why would they want to keep people ignorant?

If they keep you ignorant then you're just a blank canvas, when you're a blank canvas they can paint whatever picture they want to on your mental that's were the programming comes in at. That's why they call it television or radio programming majority of times when we learn something we learn it through what we see or hear. So if i'm pushing something negative and mindless on you via TV or the radio then that's what you learn. That's what's programmed in you. So if i'm a radio personality and I consider myself a public servant then it's my job to counter the bullshit you might hear on radio or even T.V. and put something in your brain that's too your benefit. Even though my mother was a school teacher and made me read constantly. The things I saw on T.V or heard on the radio had a impact on the way I view things as well. Luckily when I was coming up my parents monitered what I took in and even what I took in when they wasn't around was things of substance.Problem with the game today is a lot of people with voices, a lot of people with influence in positions of powers just don't know better. They just as ignorant as the people that's following them . If the leader knows more than the followers, and the leader is ignorant, then the scripture Matthew 15:14 in the Bible is correct: “If the blind lead the blind, both fall in the ditch.” Then you got the ones who know better, but don't do better. They gain from you being dumb, deaf, and blind and they know they should be feeding you something that will make you a better person but they don't because it will mess up their dollars. They're getting rich by keeping you ignorant.

Personally financial gain means nothing to me. I like making money, being able to provide for my family it's a beautiful feeling, but I love knowing I made a difference in someone's life even more. I feel richer knowing that God will always keep me in his favor because I choose to do what's right instead of what's popular and what's right is just giving the babies something to help them grow. Who says you can't entertain and educate? Wu Tang did it, The Boondocks does it, Dave Chappelle did it. We have to challenge everyone with a voice and intelligence to teach.

Honestly it's not meant for everybody. I don't know everything, but I know the basics between right and wrong, good and bad, God and Satan. A lot of people don't even know that nowadays, the lines are so blurred between good and evil right now in America that all I can think about is Isiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. So i'm just going to keep using my voice for good and to tell people what's good and what's bad even when it's not the popular thing to do even when that bad is what the people are gravitating towards. Just because a lot of people are into doing wrong it doesn't make it right. I've often heard the best way to lose a friend is to tell them something for their own good and I don't mind losing friends that way and if you're reading this saying to yourself Charlamagne shut the fuck up nobody wants to hear that shit, it's not going to work, always remember it is easy to be critical . The real test is to come up with constructive alternatives. So do you have any bright ideas? If not you shut up and listen. You might learn something......Peace and blessings. —Charlamagne Tha God