It's official: Chance The Rapper and Kanye West are in a full-fledged bromance.

Last night Kanye hopped on Twitter to praise Chance's raps. "Chance too good. God level bars," he wrote.

Today (May 18) Chance acknowledged the love and shared his feelings about his relationship with Yeezy.

"It's crazy cause I feel like I met Kanye the first time I heard We Don't Care. Like he's been there for me since 2004," he wrote. "Kanye was there when I tried out for the talent show, the first time I knew a kid who passed away, the first time I got suspended. But still, every time I talk to him it feels foreign. I still get nervous and starstruck. I'm still surprised when he likes my ideas.

"Part of what makes this duality work is because he is by definition "One of A Kind," continued Chance. "Therefore I've always known him and will never know him. I'm content with that."

Kanye and Chance's friendship goes back years, but they're flaunting it for the public to see now that Coloring Book is all the rage in hip-hop. Kanye himself shows up on the intro with the Chicago Children's Choir.

Hopefully this leads to more musical collaboration between these two. Chance fought tooth and nail to get "Waves" on The Life of Pablo and his verse on "Ultralight Beam" is clearly one of the best this year. They've probably got a whole lot of other shit in the stash. Pray it sees the light of day.

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