Chance The Rapper links up with Francis and The Lights once again, this time in a video for their "May I Have This Dance" remix. The original is a smooth, sentimental ballad from Francis and The Lights' Farewell, Starlite! album.

If you've only listened to one or two songs from Chance, you might've expected him to handle this, soft, Phil Collins-esque track with a mean 16. Nah. As he showcased throughout Coloring Book, Chano's got some pretty solid pipes of his own, and with his half-singing approach, he slides into this sentimental jam seamlessly.

"You've got your mother's eyes/You've got your grandmother's ring/You've got your daddy's discernment/Girl you did your thing," Chano sings during his verse. "One-two, one-two, always on beat/You must've been born with two right feet/I know you're looking for something concrete/You must've been born with two right feet."

The video finds Chano and Francis dancing around on a platform located in a really dark room, with a stage light shining down on them. The majority of the video focuses on Chance, with the camera switching between different angles of the Chicago rapper dancing around on the platform. By the end of the clip, Francis once again joins Chano onstage as they both dance in a perfectly synchronized fashion. It's all pretty dope.

Peep the new visual for yourself below.

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