Ca$h Out drops "WYD," a new track off a new R&B project Less Stress More Sex that he's planning to release soon.  The ATL rapper slows things up and it a complete 180 from "Tomorrow,” the last track he released last month. However it doesn't feel forced. It expands the sound of C.O., opening up a lane that he can potentially strive in. On the song, Ca$h Out croons "what you doing" over and over on the Inomekindakitche-produced beat. "This new R&B wave I had locked in the safe for bout a year I wanted to surprise everybody in 2015 and let them know what level I'm taking it to now .... R&B singers don't get nervous," said Ca$H Out to XXL over email.

Things are starting to pick up for for the former Epic Records signee in 2015. Now with his own independent label called BLR (Bases Loaded Records), the dreadhead is starting to release hits. From “She Twerkin’” and “Let’s Get It” (featuring Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign) off of the ”Cashin’ Out” MC’s debut album Let’s Get It, to his Kitchens & Choppas mixtape that he released last winter. Ca$H Out is an artist to pay attention to.

Stream “WYD” above.