Brooklyn's Casanova links up with Chris Brown and Fabolous for a new song titled "Left, Right.” The raunchy party track finds Cas, Breezy and Fab rapping about a girl they want over production from Scott Storch.

"That's my word, you a bad bitch/I heard you eat your rice and cabbage/You could have the cash and the plastic/But tonight I gotta have it/Got that D'usse in my cup/Put my tongue in it, I don't give a fuck/I ain't lyin', girl, I'm a champ/I'ma beat the pussy up," Casanova raps.

Fabolous comes in for the third verse and makes a reference to Slick Rick’s “La Di Da Di.” He raps, "I say, ladee dadee, we both a thottie/We both lookin' for trouble, we mixin' in the party, yeah/She like to suck it, put them hickies on your body, yeah/I like to fuck and put this dick inside her body, yeah/Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right/What's the code for the night? I'm on the road for the night."

The trio went on the road together for Chris Brown's Party Tour earlier this year. Casanova broke out last year when his single "Don't Run" caught fire in New York. The charismatic rhymer dropped his debut mixtape, Be Safe Thoback in March.

Bump “Left, Right” below.

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