Top Dawg CEO Anthony Tiffith delivered on his promise to drop a new project this week when Kendick Lamar's untitled unmastered hit the web Thursday evening (Mar. 3). The project, which is the exact collection of performative loosies that LeBron James asked for last month, already has people talking, either about the possible Jay Electronica diss or that Swizz Beatz' 5-year-old son Egypt is listed as a producer.

But there's another producer who's drumming up some chatter on his own. Cardo, who had a hand in producing tracks 2 and 7 on untitled unmastered., sent off a pair of tweets Wednesday suggesting that the new music from Kendrick may not be all the Grammy winning rapper has in store. "but theres soooooooo much more in store .. believe that ... just keep your eyes open," Cardo wrote, in an enticing, albeit vague teaser. But then he doubled down, writing, "Not just 1 .... But 2." Two what, though? Songs? Albums?

Back in July of 2014, Cardo told XXL, "I’ve completed one cut with Kendrick. It landing on the album is something that we are hopeful for right now.” But Cardo isn't listed as a producer on To Pimp a Butterfly, suggesting that he may be sitting on some unheard music from recording sessions from around that time.

Regardless, there's plenty to get excited about, with the insinuation carried in Cardo's pair of tweets (included below) only adding to it all.

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