On Monday (April 9), Cardi B became the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's first co-host ever.

As expected, the Invasion of Privacy rapper got to perform one of her latest songs, but Cardi also put her comedic talents to work, helping Fallon out during his opening monologue, playing the game Box of Lies and revealing the meaning behind some of her catchphrases.

During the monologue, Bardi took a few shots at President Donald Trump in a segment called "What Is Up With That Coat?" Poking fun at an ill-fitting jacket the president recently wore, Cardi asked, "What is up with that coat? It looks like me when I was trying to hide my baby bump."

The rapper was also gifted her first baby present since announcing her pregnancy, when guest star John Mulaney stopped by and gave the rapper a small cardigan for her unborn child, or as he called it, a "Cardi G." Cardi took the gift with excitement, adding, "This is so weird... Babies are so little."

Elsewhere during last night's episode, the "Be Careful" rapper helped out a fan of hers by recording a custom voicemail message for them. Cardi left her fan an expletive-filled voicemail and managed to throw in one of her signature catchphrases.

Bardi also took some time to explain the meanings behind her famous catchpharses such as "Eeeeooowwww" and "Okuuuuuuurt!" According to Cardi, the former phrase is like "a sad cat sound" and is used when someone delivers good but not exciting news. As for the latter phrase, it's to be used when "somebody checks somebody."

Check out a few clips of Cardi B co-hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.

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