Cardi B's popularity is reaching new heights. Like, getting a shout out from Oprah new heights. The buzzing rapper finds herself in rare company after getting love from the billionaire media mogul's magazine on Instagram.

Following the release of her debut album Invasion of Privacy on Friday (April 6), a post went up on O Magazine's IG feed which appears to cosign the Bronx rapper. In the photo, Oprah sits with her eyes closed appearing to listen to something she is delighted by. The caption reads, "Listening to that new Cardi B album 🎶🎶🎶."

This is not a drill. Cardi got wind of the plug and lost her mind. Reposting it on her own IG page, she captioned the post, "I CAAAANNNNTTTTTT BELIIIEEEEEVEEEEESS IT!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG."

Though the plug isn't from Oprah's personal Instagram account, the love was felt all the same.

In another big happening in Bardi's career, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper will perform on Saturday Night Live tonight April 7. Rumors continue to circulate she is with child, but Offset's fiancee is keeping her mouth closed for now.

"I can’t address all the rumors and everything," she said in a recent interview. "I have been so open to people about myself, people cannot expect me to open up about everything. Certain things have to be private. You cannot invade my damn privacy. I’m not a damn animal at the zoo, that you just could see everything. No. People will find out more. If it arrive, or if it don’t arrive, then you’re gonna know what the fuck’s going on.”

Check out O Magazine and Cardi's posts below.

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