Cam'ron has had his differences with JAY-Z and Nas in the past but as someone who has cleared up his problems with the two, the Harlem rapper can now discuss their legendary feud without bias.

Appearing on ESPN's Highly Questionable this week, Killa was asked to pick his favorite rap beef of all time. Like many hip-hop fans, Cam picked the JAY-Z and Nas feud and also explained why. According to Cam'ron, Nas "was kinda quiet for a while," but when he dropped "Ether," that's when things started to change. "Nas came out the blue with a song called 'Ether,' and it was like, 'Wow, Nas is not gone.'"

While Cam'ron acknowledges that people have different opinions when it comes to a winner in the battle, the rapper says there are actually two answers for who won. "Lyrically when Nas came out with 'Ether,' I believe he won the battle, even though the 'Takeover' was incredible... I believe Nas won the battle and JAY-Z won the war," he shares.

Cam went on to say that although Nas may have won the lyrical side of the battle, JAY-Z ultimately ended up victorious by signing Nas. He added, "Nas won the battle, lyrically, but then JAY-Z end up signing Nas to Def Jam. So on the business tip, to me, JAY-Z won overall."

Last week, Cam'ron dropped his first new project in nearly two years, The Program. The 15-track mixtape features production from a number of producers including Dollavision, ADM, REK, JB Music, Araab Muzik, Zombie YH and Dondre Dennis and Just Blaze.

Check out Cam'ron on Highly Questionable below and head to the four-minute mark to hear him talk about the JAY-Z and Nas beef.

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