Cam'ron is seriously not with the fuckery this week. After taking to Instagram to address Love & Hip Hop and the UFC for both using his music or likeness without permission — "We’ll be reaching out tomorrow, me and my lawyer" — Killa Cam went all the way the hell in a girl who allegedly left the comment "this ain’t 94” beneath one of his photos. That user has since deleted her Instagram page, Cam posting the above in response.

"I was in HS in 94 lol.." Cam wrote, dismissing any notion that he somehow fell off after. "This money makes me relevant.. I never wanted to be a rapper.. Big L (a nigga u probably don’t know) told me I was good.. And I respected that.. I played ball and got money.. But I took rap money and invested.. Because nothing lasts forever.. (Even tho I’m still nice)."

He goes on to explain how he's always been a hustler at heart, making half a million dollars off shower curtains and then proceeds to eviscerate the commenter. "I see da clothes you dressing ya baby in.. U ain’t never had 1k at one time.. Give me a po box number.. So I can get ur baby right.. I know U a single mother.. Cause u dead ugly.. A nigga made a mistake and u kept it.. But holla at me," he writes.

Let the lesson be learned to not cross Cam'ron, online or otherwise, after he's already stirred up. Peep Cam's comment sin full up above.

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