Berkeley's Caleborate has a new album on the way. The LP, named Real Person, is coming out this fall via TBKTR. Recently, he dropped "Soul," the first single off the upcoming project. The track is produced by Lege Kale.

On "Soul," Caleborate bares it all, rapping about his ups and downs and why he will never change who he is as a person. It's an honest record that is refreshing to hear and serves as an appetizer for what's to come on Real Person.

"I wrote Soul in the beginning of the year, around when so much if my life was changing," he says of the song. "I saw my dad for the first time in years, I was breaking up with my girl. I wrote it because it’s what I needed to do for myself but I realized it’s also something that other people might need to help themselves. It’s damn near spiritual. When I say 'don't let them take your soul," I'm talking about people trying to steal your shine. It could be anyone trying to drag you down; your parents, your co-workers, people on the train, someone having a bad day…A lot of people can throw off your vibe if they aren’t on the same wave as you. They can take your soul, your juice, your flavor, the stuff that makes you, you. You’ve got to protect that."

Real Person will feature production from Ian McKee, Lege Kale, Chonchies, Drew Banga and Willem Ardui. The forthcoming LP follows up Caleborate's fantastic last 1993 that dropped last year.

Most recently, Caleborate shared the loose single "Make Me & Take Me," which was accompanied by a one-take video that depicted Caleborate depositing a check into his savings account at the bank.

Bump "Soul" below.

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