You can officially add Bun B to the list of Bernie Sanders supporters. Matthew Sonzala debuted a new podcast called Hip-Hop For Bernie Sanders with Houston rappers Bun B and Fat Tony as guests on the inaugural episode. Bun B gave his endorsement of Bernie Sanders for president, joining rappers like Killer Mike and Lil B in supporting the presidential hopeful.

"I'm trying to let other people know from the hip-hop community that it's OK to voice your opinion about the candidates,” Bun B told The Fader about his decision. “It's important to start stating your opinion and choosing a side very early.”

During the podcast, the trio discussed Donald Trump, college loans and the decriminalization of marijuana.

"Right now we have so many people locked up for marijuana, even in states where it's legal,” Bun B said. “That's insane to me. There's a lot that we need to start correcting. A lot of artists are afraid to voice their opinions about certain things, at the end of the day you have to decide what's important to you."

You can listen to the entire conversation below.

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