We can't gush over Bruno Mali Kidd enough. The 28-year-old out of Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood had a breakout single last year with "HA," catching the eye of Rick Ross, who soon jumped on another one of Bruno's exquisite records, "Money Suit." Now Bruno's back with his latest dope record, "New Skool Ol Skool," and you can watch the video below.

The video's got a tipsy sense to it, as the frame keeps on wobbling, but Bruno's rhymes stick to your ribs like cornmeal, and that sax sounds like it's being played on Bourbon St. in the middle of the night. And then he hits this crazy flow at the end of the track: "Feeling like yeah, who you know have a meeting with the mayor, pull up on him in an all black Chevelle / Couple shooters in the rear, blowing strong, just as loud as you can tell, sick flow, nigga never getting well." You've just gotta hear it to get it.

Read our recent interview with the rising rapper right here, and tell a friend to tell a friend—Bruno Mali is about to be a problem. His new mixtape M.A.D.E. (Money Attitude Direction Education) drops May 14.

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