2017 has been an emotional roller coaster for America following the presidential election, but there are a slew of social topics that need to be addressed. Brother Ali is here to make sure those conversations remain active, as he has finally released his anticipated All the Beauty in This Whole Life album.

The Rhymesayers Entertainment artist has been teasing his fans with the release of the project, which will be his first album in five years, and now he's giving them the full 15-track masterpiece. The LP was produced entirely by Ant of Atmosphere, and includes features from deM Atlas, Sa-Roc and Idris Philips.

While speaking with XXL about his latest hiatus, the rapper went into detail about why he waited to release All the Beauty in This Whole Life, and what was going through his mind during his mental break.

"I think I went through a period where I was just tired of doing it," he shared. "And not tired of the music part, but tired of the business part. And then, I’m a sensitive person; that’s how you make art, you can’t make art if you’re not sensitive. I don’t care who you are, if you’re creating art, you’re a sensitive person. So all of the weird stuff about making music and being what people consider being a entertainer, sometimes that stuff just hurts my feelings and I don’t feel like doing it."

"A few of my spiritual guides told me that," Ali continued, "They told me it was time to make music, and I didn’t feel like doing it. I did it because these people of spirituality, it’s not different than having a master in martial arts. Like, you go to the master and Mr. Miyagi or someone like that will have you just painting the fence and washing cars and all this stuff. So I went to them and I was at the point where I’d do anything that they told me to do."

Stream Brother Ali's new album below to hear what he's cooked up for his fans, or purchase it on iTunes.

Brother Ali’s All the Beauty in This Whole Life Tracklist

1. “Pen to Paper” Feat. Amir Sulaiman
2. “Own Light (What Hearts Are For)”
3. “Special Effects” Feat. deM Atlas
4. “Can’t Take That Away”
5. “Dear Black Son”
6. “We Got This” Feat. Sa-Roc
7. “Uncle Usi Taught Me”
8. “Pray For Me”
9. “It Ain’t Easy”
10. “Never Learn”
11. “Tremble”
12. “Before They Called You White”
13. “The Bitten Apple” Feat. Idris Philips
14. “Out of Here
15. “All the Beauty in This Whole Life”

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