And just like that, Brockhampton's back—for what we thought would be the last time. Today (Dec. 15), the hyper-imaginative boy band return with Saturation III, the third and last entry into their Saturation series that began last summer.

Checking in at 15 tracks, the latest from the California-based group features an even more amped up soundscape than their two previous projects with narratives that prove to be just as diverse.

Of course, they've also unloaded a few new visuals. One is their zany video for "Boogie," the first track on their new album. The visual finds the clique running amok in a convenience store, and it's safe to say they're looking to drop videos that are every bit as inventive as the ones they released earlier this year.

On the other hand, there's their short film Billy Star, a Kevin Abstract-starring flick that ties together the universes he established in videos for his American Boyfriend cuts "Runner" and "Empty." The videos tell the story of a suburban, queer teen romance. Definitely worth a watch, just like Saturation III is worth a listen.

In addition to all of this, the clique has also announced their fourth album. This album from the Cali group is called Team Effort and it drops in 2018.

Check out Brockhampton's latest effort below. Peep their video for "Boogie" and Billy Star beneath that.

Brockhampton's Saturation III Tracklist

1. "Boogie"
2. "Zipper"
3. "Johnny"
4. "Liquid"
5. "Cinema"
6. "Stupid"
7. "Bleach"
8. "Alaska"
9. "Hottie"
10. "Cinema"
11. "Sister"
12. "Rental"
13. "Stains"
14. "Cinema"
15. "Team"


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