The beef between Brick Squad members Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka is getting uglier by the minute, the rappers are now airing out all their private dealings on twitter leading many to believe there may be no reconciling after this. Discussing everything from Waka's mom to paying for the lawyer of a Brick Squad member's murderer, the former friends are coming for each other's throats holding no bars along the way.

1 million dollars is the price Gucci wants to release Waka Flocka from his contract. Saying that he will except nothing less, the label head continued to both plead his innocence when it came to paying for the acquittal of Slim Dunkin's murderer and bash Waka's mom, his former manager saying she stole thousands of dollars from his empire.

Also tweeting "Fuck bricksquad im. Sucka free. 1017", Gucci may be calling it a wrap. With Waka later tweeting "Family First", its clear he's siding with his momma on this one which has many wondering if the group will be able to pick up the pieces.

Check out the tweets below: