Brian Fresco is out to make a name for himself—he's part of the Chicago collective SAVEMONEY, popularized by members Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa—even more this year. The rapper drops two new tracks, the Kay Karma-assisted "Pull Up" and "Tonight," which features Avery Storm and Rockie Fresh.

"Pull Up" is a bouncy trap love song, with Kay Karma sweetly singing the hook. "Callin, damn pick up, come on boy pull up, answer when I'm callin'," she croons. Fresco is on the verses, rapping and singing in Auto-Tune about a relationship gone wrong. "Let the bullet burn/Hit the Paris club/Searchin' for the love/Most these bitches dubs," he spits rapidly.

"Tonight" is a smooth R&B song revolving around a special rendezvous with a loved one. Avery Storm sings throughout, and Brian Fresco brags about having a beautiful woman in his life. "You and me, tonight?/Let me light the candle right/Keep it bright at night/What a sight, pink thongs and purple Sprite," Fresco raps, amazed by how lucky he is.

Rockie Fresh finishes the song off, kicking lines like, "It's funny how this rap game turned my heart to stone/But you the type to make me lean without the Styrofoam/My only one, but you too bad like you got a clone."

Brian Fresco has a new project on the way, but he's been around. In 2016, he released Casanova, then re-released it in 2017. Casanova featured the songs "Lit," which included an appearance by his cousin, Katie Got Bandz, and "Higher," assisted by his SAVEMONEY brother Chance The Rapper.

Two years ago, he sat down for an interview with XXL, and explained his appeal as an artist. “I want people to see this is the next breath of fresh air because [I] can appeal to everyone," he shared.

Listen to Brian Fresco's "Pull Up" and "Tonight" below.

HIPvision, LLC / Empire
HIPvision, LLC / Empire

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