Brady Watt is solidifying his place as one of the best rising musicians in the business while being part of DJ Premier's band, and he's recruited Michael Christmas to help him prove why hip-hop needs him. The two team up together for the bass player's new song "Youth in Revolt," which finds them both tapping into their enlightened side. Listen to it below.

On the new upbeat record, which may feel reminiscent to OutKast's "Bombs Over Baghdad" single from 2000, Watt provides a fast-paced instrumental while Christmas rhymes about a slew of topics that have effected our country.

Brady spoke with XXL about the new song, revealing that it was created during a trip to Malibu, where he and Michael Christmas decided to make the record on the spot.

"That whole Malibu trip was insane. I was there for two and a half months, living in a mansion (essentially in paradise) rent free. Someone conned the people renting the house out of a bunch of money and about a week after I moved out they were forced to flop on the rent. Everyone then had to bounce and the whole situation evaporated into thin air; almost like it never existed. Luckily, I was making music every day up there so I feel like I have record of it. You can hear that on 'Youth in Revolt,'" Brady recalls of the wild trip.

Veteran producer DJ Premier also spoke with us about meeting Brady, and how he knew he was special enough to sign to his To the Top imprint.

“I met Brady back in 2012," Premier shares. "He came to my studio to do a session for a former employee that needed him to play bass. On the way out he introduced himself and we started talking about our bass heroes and one of them we both love tremendously is Jaco Pastorius (Brady knows that I must always include my love for Stanley Clarke). Fast forward to 2015, when I envisioned putting my band together (The Badder Band), Brady was the first person I thought of to play bass.

"Brady can play any song and he knew my catalog before we rehearsed a note. Before we went on tour, he had just released his Lifetronics album and I was highly impressed with his production; which I had not heard. Brady is an instant fit on my new label, TTT (To The Top), as I house all types of music and Brady represents our vision for originality."

While addressing the making of "Youth in Revolt," Michael Christmas, who previously pitched himself to be part of the 2016 XXL Freshmen class, shares what sparked his interest to create the song during the Malibu trip.

"I sat on this hill in Malibu thinking about what I wanted to make and we ended up with the craziest song I think I've ever made. I knew I was with one of my favorite musicians in the world, so I was like let's try something different," Christmas states.

Listen to Brady and Michael's "Youth in Revolt" below.

Tim Larew
Tim Larew

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