As Bow Wow gears up for his Greenlight 6 project, the rapper is opening up about his falling out with Chris Brown. On the new song, "Emotional," which he previously referred to as "Drunk Off Ciroc," Bow Wow raps about the two no longer being on speaking terms.

"I skipped a show just so I could see you Chris/Day ones, me and you been through a lot of shit/No matter what you gon' always be my little brother," Bow Wow spits. "And it kill me when we in public and we ain't speaking to each other/This shit crazy/Oh my fault Brown, this shit brazy/We grown men, let's turn this shit around."

It's uncertain what kind of issues Bow Wow and Breezy have, but the Heartbreak on a Full Moon singer seems to be just as confused. After a snippet of the song was posted on The Shade Room's Instagram page, CB commented on the post, "IM CONFUSED... U good bro?" The two previously collaborated on the tracks "Ain't Thinkin' Bout You" and "Shortie Like Mine."

In related news, Bow Wow recently went head-to-head with Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball in a three-point shooting contest. According to the "Yeaahh" rapper, he actually beat the NBA star one time in a best-of-three series but his one win was meaningful.

"It's the fact that I don't train, I smoke weed, and I make music, and I act. I don't got no time to be training. So the fact that I beat him one time means a lot," Bow Wow told TMZ. "He won two games. I won one."

Check out Bow Wow's new song and Chris Brown's IG comment below.

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