Boosie BadAzz is celebrating the death of the woman whose accusations led to the lynching of Emmett Till.

On Thursday (April 27), news of Carolyn Bryant Donham's passing on Tuesday (April 25) went viral online. Boosie BadAzz weighed in on the news on social media, rejoicing over the report.

"DAT B***H JUST DIED WHO MESSED OVER EMMITT TILL IM BOUT TO ROLL THIS B**H N DA PACK LOL," Boosie posted on Twitter, referencing the custom made popular in Chicago of smoking weed named after opps upon their passing.

Oppositely, Boosie mourned the death of politician-turned talk show host Jerry Springer who died on Thursday morning.

"IM GOING TO @jerryspringer FUNERAL THAT WAS MY GUY WHEN IS IT," Boosie tweeted.

Carolyn Bryant Donham gained infamy in 1955 when she accused 14-year-old Chicago teen Emmett Till of flirting with her in Mississippi. The accusations led to Till being beaten, shot and lynched by Donham's husband Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam. During the trial, Donham testified that Till grabbed her and propositioned her. Both men were acquitted of the murder by an all-White jury. The following year, they confessed to the killing in a Look magazine interview with impunity due to double-jeopardy laws. Milam died in 1980 and Bryant died in 1994.

Emmett Till's death was one of the catalysts of the Civil Rights Movement. In 2017, Duke University senior research scholar Timothy Tyson wrote in his book The Blood of Emmett Till that Donham admitted to lying about the encounter with Till in 2007. However, the Department of Justice declined to charge her after opening another probe into the death.

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