Boosie BadAzz cut his show in New York City short after just one song tonight, throwing up as he left the stage. It should have been a celebratory night for the Baton Rouge MC; today Boosie released Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, his first album in five years and his comeback since his nearly half-decade stint in prison.

Shortly after 9:30 pm Boosie hit the stage to perform his remix of K Camp's "Cut Her Off," one of his more successful loosies in the past year, but things seemed to be in trouble from the beginning. Just as the song finished, Boosie quickly exited the stage, with fans in the front row saying they saw him vomiting as he made his way off.

This was more or less confirmed by Boosie's DJ, who continued to spin the rapper's mid-2000s hits as the crowd wondered whether or not Boosie would return. After 20 minutes or so of confused talking under the music, the crowd began trickling outward.

It's still unclear what happened on stage; a source close to the MC confirmed that Boosie had left the building and that the show was over, but did not know where he was headed and had no information as to his condition. Rumors began spreading as to the reason, but no confirmation came from Boosie's reps as of press time.

In 2008, Boosie—then called Lil Boosie before changing his name last year—publicly spoke about his battle with diabetes, and rapped about it in painstaking detail multiple times in his songs, most recently on last year's "Here We Go Again" from his excellent Life After Deathrow mixtape. XXL will keep you updated as the situation progresses.