Boosie BadAzz might want to consider taking up a side hustle of sports entertainment now that he's becoming a bit more daring with his experiences. After trying to learn to ice skate, the Baton Rouge rapper takes his skills to a roller skating rink, but things don't go as smooth as expected.

While trying to show off some of his fancy footwork while he's being recorded on video, Boosie takes a pretty nasty fall backwards, which leaves him laying flat on his back on the ground. Fortunately, it looks like the BooPac spitter didn't get too hurt, as he manages to pull off a relaxed pose while on the floor. However, in the caption for the video, Boosie claims he injured his wrist.

The roller rink appears to playing the "Heartless Hearts" rhymer's music in the background, making for an even more memorable night for himself and fans watching the footage of his fall at home.

"Rent the skating ring out n play all BOOSIE," he writes in a selfie video. "#californialiving#enjoyinglife we skated a lot in the cocaine fever days."

Making his fans and social media followers laugh through his attempts at different sports and activities isn't new for Boosie. The entertainer recently tried his hand at ice skating, where he used a trainer to help him keep his balance. Needless to say, the footage was more than hilarious.

Watch Boosie take a nasty fall while roller skating below.

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