Boosie BadAzz pulled off his Second Annual Topless Pool Party on Friday (Aug. 9). After posting video of the event, the rapper is getting backlash on social media, which he is not taking too kindly.

The kick back was a women invited only situation, which appeared to encourage the ladies who attended to walk around with their breasts exposed. Video from the party is pretty wild. From the looks of the censored clips, fun was had by all who attended the after dark soiree.

Apparently, however, Boosie has gotten criticized for the event. Never one to hold his tongue, on Saturday (Aug. 10), he lashed out against those who were talking about him for the NSFW party.

"Everyone who got something to say about my Boosie Estates topless pool party can suck a dick [and] die," he wrote on Instagram. "Y'all bad built bitches just mad y'all wasn't there and y'all niggas just mad 'cause y'all girls and baby mommas was there lit. Same MFs that got something to say wanted to come. Why are you this mad 'cause I'm living?"

He added "Mind your business is the moral of the story."

Boosie is known for letting his unfiltered feelings be known on Instagram. In June, he called out American Airlines after missing a flight with a lengthy diatribe on IG.

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