It looks like Bodega Bamz is gearing up to drop a new project in 2017. Today (April 26), Bamz drops "Young & Living Out of Order," which is produced by A.Chal. It's the first single off Bamz's upcoming project, P.A.P.I. (Proud and Powerful Individual).  

"Give me my fetty, I told ‘em I'm ready/A Milly before I turn 30/I made it my niggas, I'm cleaning my money/My face and fingernails dirty/I'm painting a picture so vivid I feel like my time burnin’ like Salvador Dali," Bodega Bamz raps.

"Proud and Powerful Individual is telling my story from my point of view, expect nothing but fuego," Bamz said through email.

Earlier this year, Bamz released “Can’t Ban the Tan,” linked up with Remy Ranks on “Ryu x Ken” and flipped Childish Gambino’s “Redbone" for a new song called “Heartbreak Hotel." Bodega Bamz’s last project was All Eyez Off Me, which dropped last year.

As for A.Chal, who produced Bamz's new song, he's one of the most exciting new artists in music right now. He released his debut album, Welcome to Gazi, last year and returned strong last month with a new single called “To the Light.” Back in September 2016, XXL spoke to A.Chal about his career and what genre he fits in.

"It’s like a blend of a lot of genres but to me, it’s coming from the soul so I think about soul," he said. "I know people like to limit that word with music and think about the ‘60s and ’70s when they mention soul but maybe those were some of the most honest times on the radio. I don’t know, but I would say soul."

Listen to "Young & Living Out of Order" below.

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