Bobby Sessions' debut single is an emphatic one. Titled "Like Me," the new track, which sessions dropped off today (April 6), finds the Dallas, Texas rapper spitting about the ills of systemic racism. He's dedicated it to his cousin James Harper, who was killed by Texas law enforcement on July 24, 2012.

"Everybody that's followed my journey since 2010 knows how important this moment is for me/my family (+) Dallas, Texas in general," the Dallas native writes in the caption for an Instagram post concerning the song.

He continues, "All we wanted was an opportunity to show the world that we have something meaningful to say. We're thrilled to have this opportunity and I vow to be responsible with that platform. I will use my voice to highlight issues that society continues to sweep under the rug. "Like Me" is the first step in our long journey to freedom."

Designed by artist Jeremy Biggers, the artwork for Sessions' "Like Me" includes a black and white image of Sessions standing in the woods with a noose around his neck. This image symbolizes the police brutality-slavery connection Sessions makes with the song itself.

Produced by Sikwitit, Sessions' new song shares thematic DNA with "Black America," where he also spits about things like systemic racism and police brutality. Rather than simply exploring literal, day-to-day racism, Sessions tackles the trickle down effects of systemic prejudice as it affects generations of Black Americans.

"500 years later, no crime when they shot us/Baby mama knocked up, baby daddy locked up/Running on the block 'cause I'm getting sick of master/Where I'm from niggas ain't thinking 'bout a masters," he spits with an urgent delivery.

Check out "Like Me" below.

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