Blueface has recently been under fire for multiple incidents involving his newborn child's mother Chrisean Rock and other matters involving his other young son. Some people have had enough. As a result, many petitions have been filed on with the goal of canceling the controversial rapper.

People Petition Blueface

Blueface has been the subject of scorn in recent weeks, most notably after a photo of his naked newborn son showed up on Blue's account on X, formerly known as Twitter, over the weekend. Blueface claimed he was hacked, however the backlash has been swift, with Chrisean Rock even claiming she is going to press charges. The incident was the last straw for some people who have flocked to to petition the rapper. While some of the petitions are older, the sentiment on many of them are the same. Get Blueface outta here.

"This man is openly bullying a new mother online," the description on one petition reads. "Having a baby should be a happy time in life and is critical and sensitive to the mothers and baby's health and well being. Chrisean is trying to move forward with her life and her son and is being abused online by the father of the child and his girlfriend. Social media is facilitating the abuse and needs to remove his abusive and triggering content. Gaining fans, views, and monetary support at the expense of this new mother. Let's stop him from destroying hers and her child's life."

Another petition titled "Cancel Blueface for Our Mental Health" notes: "BlueFace posted his newborn child's genitals on Twitter. Blueface has a history of verbal and mentally abusive behavior; usually directed at the women in his life. He is often posted to blogs with no warning labels or trigger warning images. In light of today's events, I call on the public to sign this petition to ask when is enough, enough?"

As of press time, in total, there are 19 petitions on calling for Blueface to get gone, which can be seen below. Some of them also call for Chrisean Rock to be canceled as well.

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Blueface's Recent Antics

Blueface and Chrisean Rock's relationship has only appeared to get more volatile since the birth of their son Chrisean Jesus Malone earlier this month. Aside from the viral photo, police and child services reportedly paid the rapper a visit for video of his 5-year-old son in the presence of dancing strippers. He also recently filmed a weed promo ad featuring his 5-year-old son. Earlier this week, Blueface claimed he is not the father of Chrisean Rock's child, despite a DNA test saying otherwise.

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Check out the Blueface petitions.

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